3D Range of Motion Camera



Discover a better way of managing musculoskeletal symptoms with the first 3D posture measuring device.  This amazing device measures 11 points of posture in a compact easy to assemble design.  Say good by to awkward patient photos. The technology
works by positioning laser lines over palpated bony landmarks, then using a camera to measure misalignments between the lines.  Be the go-to doctor for complete posture exams.

  • BETTER POSTURE ASSESSMENTS – Uses a practitioners palpation skills to locate anatomical landmarks so posture measurements are more accurate and without taking pictures of the patient.
  • True 3D Posture Assessments – Record 11 points of posture including thoracic kyphosis, sway back, trunk rotation, pelvic rotation and shoulder rounding.
  • ACCURATE POSTURE MEASUREMENTS – Software measures angles and distances between laser lines captured from digital images.
  • BEAUTIFUL POSTURE REPORTS – Provide patient information on postural health and risk factors for muskuloskeletal injuries
  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE DESIGN- WonderTrack posture assessment device is easy to assemble and comes with a convenient carry box that weighing less than 35lbs.

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