WunderTrack is one of the best ways to build patient trust and compliance in care.  Patients expect to see your diagnostic evidence that explains their issue.  What better way than to show the measurements of their structural health.

True 3D Posture Assessments

WunderTrack is the only device that assesses posture in the coronal (z-axis) plane.  Now you have a complete picture of your patient’s structural health.



See signs of Scheurmans disease, Osteoporosis or Kyphoscoliosis with measurements of thoracic hyperkyphosis.

Sway Back

Show patients the structural changes resulting from lower cross syndrome or hyperlordosis and how its related to their symptoms

Trunk Rotation

Locate unilateral areas of significant shoulder girdle muscular tension or articular restrictions in the upper spine with right or left trunk rotation measurements

Pelvic Rotation

Locate unilateral areas of Paraspinal muscle tension or lumbopelvic articular restrictions using specific measurements of right and left pelvic rotation.

Rounded Shoulders

Explain how rounded shoulders are compounded by forward head carriage and upper cross syndrome.

Patient Comfort Comes First

Most patients don’t like photos of themselves, especially when they require skin-tight clothing.

Unlike other posture assessment devices, there’s no need to photograph the patient.  Instead, the device captures images and measurements of lasers on a grid.


posture grid assessment


Posture assessment with wundertrack

Marketing Your Practice Professionally

Educating the public on chiropractic care has never been easier. Your attractive new laser device will be a hit at any show. WunderTrack is transportable, so you can bring it to trade shows, health fairs, or professional conferences.  The device comes in a convenient carrying case and weighs only 35lbs.  Set-up and break-down take just 5 minutes.  Now imagine onlookers passing by and seeing visitors lining up to get their posture checked.

In less than 2 minutes, you can complete a thorough posture exam and deliver a simple report that connects their symptoms to their structural health.  All you have to do is explain how your services can help them.  Its never been easier to introduce chiropractic care in a more professional and trusting way.

Wundertrack Posture Assessment Demo


What is WunderTracks Size?

The device has a compact design at has a footprint about the size of coffee table (2′ x 4′) square feet.

Will lasers hurt my eyes?

No.  The lasers have the same intensity as a laser pointer which is 1mW.  This wattage is a proven safe intensity for any eye exposure.

Is there min or max. patient height requirement?

There is no minimum height requirement, however assessments for people over 6′ 6″ is not possible.

Can I use my own computer and printer?

Yes.  Although WunderTrack comes with a 10.5-inch touch screen computer, you can use your own computer as long as the software application is installed.  All printers work with the device but we suggest using a portable printer like an HP Deskjet 200.  This printer fits our tray attachment and is easy to transport to shows.

Do you have special financing options?

Yes!  We offer low monthly payments for 3-year term.  Please contact sales for details.

Will insurance pay for this service?

This assessment would be part of an examination and evaluation.  When performed by a PT billed with CPT codes 97161, 97162, or 97163.  If performed by the MD, DO, or DC then the exam would be part of an established patient exam using 99211, 99212, 99213.

What is your 60 Day Money Back Guarantee?

WunderTrack will provide a complete refund of service and equipment charges, as long as you notify us no later than sixty (60) days following your date of purchase (the “60-Day Refund Period”). Please review our Refund Policy for more information.

Ready to get started?

We’d love to have you part of the WunderTrack Family!