The Connection Between Posture and Muscle Tension

Show your clients how posture effects muscle tension.  Then enjoy more compliance in follow up visits.

Be More, Using WunderTrack

Today’s competitive world requires Massage Therapists to stand out.  Give your clients an experience unlike any other with WunderTrack

Clients will trust your services and refer others when you can show them a better way of managing their care.

Be Unique

Give your client something to talk about with others.  Stand out among the sea of therapists and see your practice grow.

Be Effective

When you know the cause of muscle tension, your treatments are more effective.  Don’t just give symptomatic relief.  Correct the underlying cause.

Be Respected

Referrals especially from doctors are your best clients.  Offering more value for your service will build your reputation as the “go-to” therapist.

Be Profitable

Add 3D Posture Exam as an additional service.  Patients want to know the cause of their chronic muscle pain and WunderTrack can show them.

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Your Portable Marketing Machine

Imagine a line of visitors at your public event attracted by an exciting new device used to examine posture.  It happens all the time.  People love bright flashy things.  With your crowd of curious onlookers, WunderTrack makes it easy to explain how structural health impacts their muscle function.  What a way to break the ice and introduce your services.

Traveling with WunderTrack is easy.  At just 35lbs, WunderTrack comes in a convenient caring case.  Set up takes only 5 minutes.  And within 2 minutes you can examine and print a posture report for patients to take home.

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