Diagnose With Confidence

WunderTrack gives you powerful diagnostic tools.  When you are confident in knowing your patient’s issue and prognosis, their compliance will follow.

All-in-One Tools for Better Patient Management.

 WunderTrack gives you a more complete picture of how to manage your patient’s musculoskeletal conditions.

When you’re confident in knowing what patients’ pain or symptom generators, treatment and outcomes improve.  WunderTracks powerful diagnostic tools help you deliver the most effective care.

True 3D Posture Measurements

Eleven points of posture measurements, including kyphosis, sway back, trunk, and pelvic rotations.

Plantar Pressure Mapping

Detailed measurements in plantar pressure points make orthotic recommendations more accurate.

Bilateral Weight Distribution

Assess and explain how right and left body weight distribution effects chronic back and lower extremity symptoms.

3D Range of Motion

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Be The Specialist

Stand out from others with technology that makes you the expert in your field.  Referring doctors will notice improvements in your care and documentation.  Be the “go-to” PT for their patients.

When patients clearly see and understand their issue, compliance in your care plans is improved.  Your reputation will also grow as you help patients get better faster.

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