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3D Posture Assessment App

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Discover a Better Posture Assessment App For Chiro’s, PT’s, MT’s, and DO’s

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Powerful, simplified solutions for assessing posture in true 3D

Lets Discuss How WunderTrack Can Improve Your Posture Exams

The Future of 3D Posture Assessments is Here!

A Better App for Posture Exams without awkward patient photos, special clothing or biased guessing.

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Posture Exams in <1 minute.

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Add office branding and report styles.

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Travel Ready

Lightweight, portable design with carrying case and strap.


easy setup

<5 minutes from out of the box to fully setup.

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small footprint

Fits against the wall or corner with a 2′ x 3′ area.

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built to last

Sturdy aluminum frame with 2 year end-to-end warranty.

Unique Benefits

Built for Growth is how we designed WunderTrack so you can offer more for your patients as your practice evolves.

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Add on modules

Bilateral scales, Pressure Mat for Orthotic, Balance Assessment, and 3D Range of Motion Measurements (coming soon).

Comparative Reports

Easily recall and compare pre or post treatment reports for better patient management.

advanced UI

Intuitive and responsive navigation designed for touch screen interfaces.

Marketing Materials

Ensure success in promoting your show-stopping services with professional marketing products.

Lifetime free updates for the latest improvements in features and functions.

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Value Focused Pricing

WunderTrack Basic

Affordable option for getting started.


11 Posture Points

Computer Tray

Lifetime Updates

Carrying Case

24/7 Support

WunderTrack Professional

Tools for complete posture assessments.


WunderTrack Base, PLUS

10.8″ Touch Screen Computer

Bilateral Weight Scales

Printer Tray

Brochure Rack

Sample Marketing Materials

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“James Papmlin, dc”

‘founder and CEO’

WunderTrack is the most important tool I use in my practice for diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal conditions.

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“John chamberlan, Pt”

I am able to communicate the need for care to my patients easy using WunderTracks reports.  They are easy to read and helps improve patient education.

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“John Smith, DC”

Where was this tool when I graduated.  Its easy to find new patients at any event when using WunderTrack.

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