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3D Posture Assessment Tool

The Only Posture Assessment Tool That Virtually Eliminates User Biased Guessing

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PROBLEM: Drawing lines on photos of patients in skin-tight clothing is not accurate, reproducible, and free from examiner bias.

SOLUTION: WunderTrack uses laser lines to measures precise deviations between an examiner’s palpated bony landmarks.

Discover a Better Way of Examining Posture

wundertrack posture assessment tool

WunderTrack’s Features

Unique design allows static posture assessment without patient photos, body markers or special clothing
At just 35lbs, WunderTrack comes in a convenient caring case.  Setup and breakdown takes only 5 minutes.
Setup is as easy as pitching a tent.  With less than 10 steps you can be up and running in less than 5 minnuts out of the box.
The device has a compact design at has a footprint about the size of coffee table (2′ x 4′) square feet.
With a sturdy aluminum frame, you can depend on WunderTrack lasting for years with no problems.  That’s why we offer a two year end to end warranty.
Adaptable to your needs with easy add on features like bilateral weight scales, orthotic pressure mat, or 3D Range of Motion camera (Coming Soon).
About Us
WunderTrack has perfected the way DC’s, PT’s, MT’s, and DO’s assess posture.  Developed by a chiropractor frustrated with other body posture assessment devices, WunderTrack can measure, record, and report posture in true 3D without taking awkward patient photos.  Its innovative design makes it easy to transport, assemble and fit in any size room.  The device is adaptable to fit various diagnostic tools such as bilateral weight scales, pressure mat for orthotic evaluation, balance assessments, and 3D digital range of motion.

Today, WunderTrack is used in offices and chiropractic schools throughout the US.  It is the leading manufacturer of posture assessment tools and continues to deliver cutting edge technology to musculoskeletal specialists.

The company believes every one of their clients success contributes to their company’s market growth and leadership.  WunderTracks’ mission is to be the most trusted source of practice and patient management products for musculoskeletal practitioners.  Their value is to empower their clients to achieve more for themselves and their patients.

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Meet Our Team
Lisa Mokovic

Lisa Mokovic

Sales Associate

Lisa has spent 20 years in the medical industry managing clients and sales for various medical equipment manufactures.
Dr. James Pamplin

Dr. James Pamplin


Dr. Pamplin is a part time practicing chiropractor and founder of WunderTrack.  He specializes in cutting edge technology for managing MSK conditions.
Kiana Chapman

Kiana Chapman

Support and Manufacturing

Kiana brings 15 years of manufacturing and product support experience from various industrial and medical companies.
What People Are Saying
“My posture assessment with wundertrack help me understand the importance of continuing with care.”
Antonio Compbell

Chiropractic Patient

“I was surprised to see how much my posture measurements were off compared to normal.  It made me realize why I needed care.”
Helena Smith

PT Patient

“WunderTrack compared my before and after posture measurements and showed how I had improved.  I’m glad I followed through with the exercises and treatment prescribed.”
Isabella Campbell

Chiro Patient

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