Patient Reports

PostureReport 12262021 2 1 pdf

Posture Assessment Report

Your 3D posture report will display images of avatars with normal posture and measurement lines indicating the patients posture deviations.  This representation of their posture is an excellent way to represent the level of severity in posture misalignments.

Below the images is a table showing the raw posture measurements with color codes the degree of severity in each reading.  At the bottom of the table is a total posture deviation which is the sum of each posture reading to indicate general structural health.

Finally, below the easy to understand interpretation of risk factors associated with each of their posture readings.  Following the interpretations, the report suggests practical tips to follow that can help improve their posture and symptoms. 


Orthodic Assessment Report


The Orthodic Assessment Report will show a pressure map indicating areas of increased pressure along the plantar surface.  Areas that deviate bilaterally may indicate changes in right and left legged weight distribution.  Additionally, areas of pressure along the transverse, lateral and medial arches may indicate improper foot mechanics.

Below the pressure map, is the interpretation of the pressure readings.  A color gradient indicates the severity of change from normal arch readings with one end representing low arch and the other high.

Finally, recommendations are shown at the bottom and are based on the reports interpretations above.  Such recommendations may included arch supports, orthotics, or exercises.


orthotic report