WunderTrack BASE


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005 3d graphicsGet a complete picture of patients’ structural health. 3D posture measuring system. Assess eleven posture points, including kyphosis, swayback, trunk rotation, and pelvic rotation.



004 technical drawingDigitally record accurate measurements and say goodbye to posture guessing. No, there is a way to deliver more objective and unbiased exams without “eyeballing” results.



laser 1Laser-aligned posture points from palpated bony landmarks make measurements more specific without taking patient photos, using location markers, or wearing skin-tight clothing.


003 touchTouch screen interface with intuitive, easy-to-use software produces posture results in under 1 minute. Save time examining, so you have more time treating. 



007 business reportDeliver comprehensive posture reports in a professional looking format. With easy-to-read results, patients are better educated on the importance of their structural health. 



002 intersectionAdd-on accessories allow versatility for any practice type. Attach the pressure sensing mat, and software can order custom orthotics for those who sell orthotics. Offices that measure balance and weight distribution can plug in dual digital scales. 


001 smallCompact design made to fit even the smallest of practice spaces. With a footprint about the size of a coffee table, there’s always room for WunderTrack.



009 carPackaging is a convenient carrying case for easy transportation to shows, conferences, or health fairs. At only 35lbs, it’s easy to carry and takes less than 5 minutes to assemble. Finally, there is a more professional way of attracting new patients. 


010 cyborgThe elegant, modern, and sleek design presents a professional image for any practice. Patients will have more confidence and interest in their exams.


money back60 Day Money Back Guarantee

udpateUnlimited support and updates

no pictureNo awkward patient photos

allinoneAll-in-one functionality

hourglass<2 minutes posture assessments 

case 1Convenient carrying case and strap





General Specifications  
Dimensions 7′ X 4′ x 3′
Weight 35lbs
Version WunderTrack 2.8
Lasers 1mW 904nm Laser Diode
Camera 1.5Meg. Wide Angle USB Module
Laser Cables USB power switch to 5.5mm DC